Thomas U. Fox

College Wide Learning Goals: Westminster College

About Me

Thomas U. Fox
Westminster College             2011- Present
Major: Environmental Studies
Minor: Outdoor Leadership

Contact Information:
School Address: 1383 Downington Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Home Address: 38B Stonehouse Lane. Keene, New Hampshire 03431


Reflection Video:

Class: Beginning Drawing

Charcoal Art Drawing:

    The first piece of work  is my charcoal landscape drawing I created of Silver Lake at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah. This piece is a reflection of creativity on all levels; a description of how I interpret the natural world through my eyes. This particular drawing was difficult  because I only used one medium for the assignment. Creating depth was very difficult. I had never used charcoal before.  

More Artwork...

Class: Apprenticeship (Elementary School)

Glass Lamp:

    The second piece is a glass lamp I made during an apprenticeship in my seventh grade geometry class. The project was a three-dimensional lamp. I designed this by using two-interconnecting glass cubes. I created one solid white cube and  I made the second one  different on all six sides. I hoped that if the light could hit pieces of glass at different angles and colors, it could cast the light in a unique way. 


Class: Creative Writing

Paragraph (Reflecting on my Life):

    My final creative piece  is a two paragraph assignment explaining my experiences growing up. Learning is a creative experience and how people learn is unique to them. 

From the Ground Up.pdf
From the Ground Up.pdf
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