Thomas U. Fox

College Wide Learning Goals: Westminster College

Thomas U. Fox
Westminster College             2011- Present
Major: Environmental Studies (Civic)
Minor: Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Education

Contact Information:
School Address: 2258 Vimont Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
Home Address: 236 2 Sterling Hill Lane. Exeter, New Hampshire 03833

Intro Video: What my portfolio is all about!


Creativity over the Years:

I have always found myself to be a very creative person when it comes to having an artistic touch, yet over the years at Westminster College I have created a new aspect of creativity and this has been applied in the arguing and constructing of Environmental topics and discussions. For the past couple of years I have been in many Environmental studies classes and have had the ability to construct papers and projects that talk about certain Environmental issues like water in the Western United States, drilling in the Alaskan Wilderness (ANWR), the Keystone Pipeline, and even the distribution of power and resources across the world (globalization and scale). When looking at all theses issues and concerns, I have been able to use creativity in my understanding and development of these topics. I am able to look into certain aspects of the problem and try and make connections. I try and look at the issue from different views to see if I can find out anything new or different that others have not yet found. This to me creativity. 

The next two pieces of work are from my Environmental Studies class called Water in the West. This was a discussion based class that involved a lot of outside class reading materials. In the class we would discuss and debate over issues and environmental concerns that are affecting people and wildlife due to water availability, specifically in the Western United States. The first piece is a paper about how recycled wastewater is crucial for the survival of humans and the sustainability of life as a whole. I argue that if we can better manage the water and reuse it rather then waste it, we can not only make sure to have water for future needs but also we can become better caretakers of the land, live with the land rather than against it. I am creative in the way I frame my argument and the different topics I decide to use in my writing. The one great thing about this paper is that there is no clear conclusion. The topic is complex and involves many different structures making it impossible to draw a solid outline of what needs to be done on this matter. The last piece of work is a reflection essay about water management and how it has affected the Blackfoot River in Western Montana. I discuss the history of this river both environmentally and industrially. I talk about how management as a whole has affected this river both in a positive and negative way. Without creativity in these papers I would not be able to write, writing as a whole is a creative aspect unique to every individual. 

Water in the West Final Paper: Recycled Wastewater is Crucial 

Final Paper 2014.pdf
Final Paper 2014.pdf

 Water in the West Essay #2: Blackfoot River

Reflection Paper 2.pdf
Reflection Paper 2.pdf

Reflection Video:

Class: Beginning Drawing

Charcoal Art Drawing:

    The first piece of work  is my charcoal landscape drawing I created of Silver Lake at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah. This piece is a reflection of creativity on all levels; a description of how I interpret the natural world through my eyes. This particular drawing was difficult  because I only used one medium for the assignment. Creating depth was very difficult. I had never used charcoal before.  

More Artwork...

Class: Apprenticeship (Elementary School)

Glass Lamp:

    The second piece is a glass lamp I made during an apprenticeship in my seventh grade geometry class. The project was a three-dimensional lamp. I designed this by using two-interconnecting glass cubes. I created one solid white cube and  I made the second one  different on all six sides. I hoped that if the light could hit pieces of glass at different angles and colors, it could cast the light in a unique way upon the wall. 


Class: Creative Writing

Paragraph (Reflecting of my Life):

    My final creative piece  is a two paragraph assignment explaining my experiences growing up. Learning is a creative experience and how people learn is unique to them. This specific piece is unique to me and it shows the path I had to create to make me successful.  

From the Ground Up.pdf
From the Ground Up.pdf